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Release: 03/29/13
6 track EP
A Perfect Beginning

A Perfect Beginning

Release: 06/24/11
12 Songs
Single Overcome

Single "Overcome"

Release: 06/10/11
Single Radio

Single "Radio"

Release: 03/18/11
[pi !] - ePi II

[pi !] - ePi II

Release: 12/01/09
EP / 6 Songs
[pi !] - ePi I

[pi !] - ePi I

Release: 08/02/08
EP / 3 Songs


Release: 06/27/07
13 Songs


Release: 04/08/05
7 Songs

[pi !] - With energy-packed alternative rock on Germany's big stages

With their new EP [pi !] provide the sound of 2013 alternative rock. "AMATEVI" is a counterdraft to digital mainstream. It takes rock music back to its roots: honest and earthy, rough and energetic. Recorded live at HORUS Studios (Guano Apes etc.) and produced almost completely analogously, these six songs reveal a thrilling energy that is hard to find elsewhere on the current music market of digital over-production.

AMATEVI is like a musical predator that cannot be caged: Stalking softly through emotive passages and breathing almost inaudibly in-between the breaks, it then spurts powerfully over the edgy riffs and finally strikes with stunning choruses. Produced by Benjamin Schäfer, a "vintage vision" has finally been realised: Taking the listeners back to the early years of rock, the music brings back the crackling vibes between band and audience.

No loops, no samples, no digital effects but tape machines, analogue flair and a tight rock band ready to go. Having played more than 300 concerts, [ pi ! ] never failed to deliver highest quality when performing their energetic alternative rock live. Their appearances at the festivals ROCK AM RING and ROCK IM PARK in 2011 mark the greatest success of their live performances so far.

Supported by

  • Initiative Musik gGmbH
  • O2
  • HTC

Awards, news & media features

  • New EP "AMATEVI" (Release: March 2013)-> produced at "Horus Studios" (e.g. Guano Apes!)
  • music synchronisation of "o2more" event trailer with the [pi ] tracks "Loathe and fear" und "Overcome" (shown at the "o2 World" stadiums in Germany in 2011 & 2012)
  • European support tour of "The Duke Spirit" (UK) | March 2012
  • radio concert at the German radio show "FRITZ Nacht der Talente" (Fritz FM) at "Admiralspalast" in Berlin | Oct. 2011
  • radio concert at radio show "KEN.FM” (Fritz FM) | Oct. 2011 - "
  • TV concert at the German TV show "Yagaloo TV” (e.g. TV Berlin) | Sep. 2011
  • TV story at the international TV format "Deutsche Welle TV" at channel "PopXPort” | Aug. 2011
  • Album release "A perfect beginning" in June 2011
  • Single & video "Overcome" in June 2011
  • twin-festival gigs "Rock im Park" / "Rock am Ring" (big "Alterna" stages) in June 2011 
  • Single & video "Radio" in March 2011
  • Winner of the German "Uni Band Battles 2011" in Jan. 2011 (powered by O2 / HTC / mySpace)
  • Performance at Germany's biggest stage in 2010 at the Fifa Fan Fest / Berlin (July 2010)
  • No. 3 of the "Köstritzer Echolot" awards in February 2010
  • "Newcomer of the Year", Dresdener Kulturmagazin (2009)